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The Ultimate Adult Shopping Experience

  • Welcome to The Adult Shop

    An erotic shopping experience both online and in-store

    The Adult Shop

    The Adult Shop has been in business for over 30 years selling adult merchandise to the greater Oregon area. We have 11 Adult Shop stores located in Medford, Rice Hill, Eugene, Corvallis, Albany, Salem, Keizer and The Dallas.

    The Adult Shop Store Locations

    Each store is furnished with a great selection of Adult Toys, Erotic Videos, Lingerie, and much more...

  • High end toys – Expensive, but is it worth the investment?

    Much can be said about consumer products, but usually it boils down to the "You get what you pay for" That age old adage is just as true today as it ever was.

    While many of the entry level toys have motors that are proven to work well and last for a decent amount of time, some do not. High end manufacturers base the toy around the motor. This ensures that the motor in your toy will vibrate at a food level for the material, that the shape works well with it and the motor is not overstressed or overheated (both issues with longevity). Another performance indicator is batteries. While high end toys often have 2 amp motors which can handle Alkaline batteries, the motors in low end toys use much lower amperage. What this means to you is that if you choose to forgo a "toy safe" batterie like the ones we carry in store and decide to pop an energizer in there... Your cheaper toy could burn its motor out with the excess power! Nothing is worse than thinking about getting down to business and then finding out your toy is dead.

    Batteries - Not included or deluded? Another bonus to many high end toys is that they feature a rechargeable battery. These rechargeable batteries ensure that no matter what, your toy is receiving the right amount of juice, so burnt out motors are a thing of the past. Many of our high end toys also feature magnetic induction charging. While the tech behind it is complex, the way it works is easy to understand. A small magnet connects to your toy and it charges. This means you cannot plug it in backwards. You can easily charge it with one hand, or even in the dark. Another awesome bonus is that it keeps your toy port free. No holes, no washers, no screw caps. Your toy is completely waterproof and submersible... You could bring is scuba diving if you want. Under the watta, where it is hotta indeed!

    Warranties - Guaranteed to succeed. Manufacturers know their products best. After all they have designed them from the ground up. What shows greater faith in a product than a warranty? We have toys that have 1 year, 2 years and even 5 year warranties! When a manufacturer stands behind their product like that, you can be sure you are getting your monies worth. Some manufactures even have loyalty "guarantees" like Lelo. If you Lelo toy breaks or wears down after the initial warranty and within the next 10 years, they will give you 50% off your next Lelo toy! Let's see Honda match that!

    (It should be noted that due to Oregon law, we cannot accept returns on personal use items, all warranties are to be completed with the manufacturer.)

  • Cleanliness is next to Sexiness

    Now this isn't about your personal hygiene, it's about how to keep your sex toys in tip-top shape. While care for some toys is pretty straightforward, others require a little more work. Some sex toy materials wear faster than others, or even react chemically to certain household cleaners or soaps. This is where "toy safe" options come in. While all toys should be safe to rinse in warm water, a quick rinse just doesn't cut it. Most toys are made of materials that look super slick or flat on the surface. Don't let this fool you into thinking that it's as smooth as glass! These materials when looked at under a microscope contain lots of peaks and valleys that form what is referred to as "pores". These pores, just like the ones on your skin, can open and stretch. Usually this happens due to stress like pulling, stretching too far, or treating your rabbit like a billy club. Another way they become larger is through abrasion and wear caused by soaps. Soaps work great to clean skin, but they also take away the top layer of skin. Same thing happens to your toy (YIKES).

    The places where many of us store our toys happen to be a perfect bacterial breeding ground to begin with. A dark drawer where it's probably warm and it's got a little moisture from it's last cleaning. Add to that larger pore size and you basically have a petri dish waiting to give you an infection. It's important that you keep your toys clean and free from bacteria to ensure maximum fun, and there is an easy way to do this.

    First, toys should be used for personal pleasure, not home defense or dog training. Secondly, toy safe cleaner should always be used if more than warm water is needed.

    Toy safe cleaner is cheap, antibacterial and easy to use. Just spray, rinse and let dry. I know it seems like an "extra" however it's just good maintenance, just like putting oil in your car. We do maintenance to avoid buying new things and keep the old working. So spending a few extra bucks on cleaner saves you from buying a whole new toy. It's really a money saver!

    So come on down to the Adult Shop and pick up a bottle of Adult Shop branded sex toy cleaner and receive a dollar off your next bottle! Can't beat being paid to be safe!

  • Erotic Sex Furniture

    If variety is the spice of life, new positions are the seasoning of sex. The KamaSutra is proof of just how many ways there are to combine two people in carnal pleasure. Imagine how many more you can make (and how much more comfortable it would be) if you had some pillows! No I'm not talking about a throw pillow… I'm talking about specially designed pillows… FOR SEX! Some positions are extremely intimate, powerful, or perhaps just easy. One thing that can detract from this however is the physical discomfort, strength limitations, or just not hitting the spot right. Specially designed pillows are shaped in such a way that each can be used at multiple positions and angles to allow for maximum comfort, allowing you to spend more time enjoying sex and less effort to get there. Do not underestimate just how much a little pillow can add to sex. Sexual stimulation comes in two flavors, physical and mental.It's pretty hard to keep your "mind in the game" when you're not sure if your legs can hold you up any longer. Some of the pillows on our website also feature restraint systems built right into them for added control and pleasure that can really step up the intensity. They are easy and simple to integrate into whatever awesome sexual activities you are currently enjoying. Each pillow comes with activity guides to offer you tons of new options for positions, but don't think you are limited to that! Combine two, or even three designs and put your partner in a pleasing position you both have never experienced before! Give pillows a try for a safe, easy, and long lasting solution to adding extra pleasure to sex. Come on down to the Adult shop to see what we have that can help you be a position guru.

  • We Love our customers

    We asked some of our Sale Staff what they liked most about working for the Adult Shop. We thought the competitive wage, advancement opportunities or the generous employee discount program would be at the top of the list, the answers might surprise you.

    Amanda (Albany location)
    The people who come in, there is just some people that will make your day whether they know it or not.

    Dana (Salem location)
    Customers without a doubt.

    Nichol (Salem location)
    Being able to walk into the shop and never not want to be there. in 7 an half years of being part of this amazing company filled with wonderful people me learned what it means to never work a day if ye love what ye do.

    Tamara (Eugene location)
    Putting a smile on people's faces and hopefully making their day a good day.

    Matthew (Salem location)
    Changing lives for the better. If what you do in life doesn't make someone else's life better in some way, then you need to rethink it.

    Cassie (Eugene location)
    All the love and happiness!!! I love what I do and make others happy while doing it.

    Chad (Eugene location)
    Love is the most subtle, powerful and mysterious force in the Universe. By choosing to serve Love, One becomes as a channel for the most subtle, powerful and mysterious force in the Universe.

    Brittany (Salem location)
    Empowering customers, changing lives, and quality of customer service we are able to provide.

    Thank you to all of our customers for being the BEST part of our job.

  • The G-Spot, Myth or Mystical?!?

    The "G-spot". What is it? Is it real? What the heck is the "g" for? It's important to note here that while all of this is true, not all of it is as true for ALL women. Some women prefer to be stimulated by clitoral pressure, labia sensation, or others through penetration alone. As always talk to your partner to find out what works best for them. There are no "one trick ponies" that work on everyone. The G-spot was discovered officially by a DR. Gräfenberg who had the dubious female anatomy named after him finally in 1981 where it was given its ubiquitous name. While G-spot is often used to refer to the female sexual nerve center, it is also commonly used to refer to a similar but unrelated sexual center in men as well. We will cover both, but I just wanted to let you know that they are different pieces of anatomy even if they are similar in use.

    The female G-spot is located in between 2-4 inches inside the vaginal cavity. If a woman was lying on her back, it would be located on what would be the ceiling of the vaginal walls. It's a soft piece of tissue that has a slightly different texture than the rest of the vaginal walls, and also when pressed has a "spongy" feel to it. This bundle of tissue is often wrapped in many complex nerve endings which can give some women earth shaking orgasms. The nerves are wrapped around and throughout the tissue. Stimulation is best achieved by direct light-to-moderate pressure stroking done with two fingers, a toy, or the penis. The positioning is such that you likely won't hit it by accident. If your partner is ok with it, explore and find where it starts, ends, and where it's most sensitive. Work the sensitive areas and also ensure you are not putting too much pressure into them. Add this maneuver to your repertoire and use it whenever you can. Good times for everyone!

  • Fifty Shades of Kink, don't threaten me with a good time.

    So you've read 50 Shades of Grey, and are now interested in dipping your toes into the pool of bondage? It's excellent that you are interested in a new area of sexual excitement, but let's not jump in head first! First establish some ground rules with your partner. Have a "safe word" a word when said will halt all activity and get you both to find out what's working and what's not. Just as important but often neglected in first time bondage participants is the clear setting of roles. While role-play doesn't have to be a huge part of the fun if you don't like it, knowing who is holding the whip is important. Play with it and switch it up to find out what works best. Open communication goes really far for helping find out which roles are most exciting for you. Our staff can help guide you towards some easy beginner toys (fur lining, elastic, and non-locking cuffs) will excite, but are also forgiving of mistakes. We also have a large selection of books that will give you tons of ideas on how to fuel this fantasy fire.

  • Kegel Balls! Exercise your Orgasm

    This is an item we have in the shop that people often ignore. Kegel balls are specifically designed to sit within the vagina to exercise the Kegel muscles with less effort than manual contractions. The balls are inserted, and with normal activity they are jostled around. Inside of each ball is a specifically weighted bearing that provides an extra sense of urgency to the vaginal walls. The contraction of muscles happens all on its own and will provide you with stronger Kegel muscles in no time! Stronger Kegel muscles have been scientifically linked to stronger orgasms, tighter vaginal feel, even an easier time giving birth, so it may be the perfect gift for any woman in your life! If effortless exercise isn't your bag, we also feature the "Evi" by Aneros that works the Kegel muscles while giving the added benefit of stimulating the clit through its unique shape. Fun and fit with hands free orgasms!

  • We're Hiring

    Adult Shop is always accepting applications. If you are interested in joining our team Print a Application, fill it out then return it to any of our locations.

    Job Description

    Position Title: SALES ASSOCIATE

    • Day-to-day operation of our store in a manner that will assure our success by implementing our policy of excellent customer service.
    • Explain the benefits and demonstrate the features of our products so that customers find the best product for their needs.
    • Suggest accessories that might be needed for the best performance of products.
    • Clearly explain our video rental policies.
    • Clearly explain our return policies before and during the sales transaction in order to eliminate possible confusion or misunderstanding.
    • Supervise the store in the absence of the store manager, and effectively handle emergency situation when they arise. Communicate with supervisor when needed.
    • Open and close (if applicable) store based on Company requirements.
    • Maintain store appearance including stock replenishment, face merchandise on its proper peg hook or shelf, pull soiled or damaged products, dust merchandise and shelves, and clean showcases as needed.
    • Learn concepts of proper merchandise presentation and use this knowledge in creating new displays.
    • Assist in maintaining the operational policies and procedures as set forth in your manuals.
    • Protect the Company's funds, inventory and property from internal or external theft. Follow your Loss Prevention-Security Manual.
    • Able to perform and operate all functions of the computer system as related to your retail store.
    • Know your store's weekly sales goal and help your fellow associates achieve it.
    • Assist in training new associates in procedures, policies, and service standards.
    • Complete all tasks assigned by manager as time allows. Enter uncompleted tasks in Log for next shift.


    Minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent.

    Retail sales or customer service.

    Basic skills,  mathematics, oral communication, reading and writing.

    Ability to maneuver up to 50 lbs. Long periods of standing. Ability to bend, stoop and extended reaching while placing merchandise or assisting customers.

    All applicants must be 18 years of age and older. The Adult Shop is an equal opportunity employer.

    Locations Currently Hiring

    Adult Shop 155 Lancaster Dr SE
    Adult Shop 2410 Mission SE

    Adult Shop 2315 9th st NW

    Adult Shop 290 River Road
    Adult SHop 720 Garfield

    Rice Hill
    Adult Shop 726 John Long Rd

    The Dalles
    Adult Shop 3506 W 6th St

    Adult Shop 261 Barnett Rd

  • On by Sensuva arousal oil: Let the fun begin with a BANG!

    One of the most repeatedly bought products that we carry comes in a small package: ON arousal Oil. Don't be fooled by its size, the ultra-concentrated concoction packs a wallop! Applied directly to the clitoris, only one or two drops are necessary to get the party started. Using a proprietary blend of all natural ingredients, On natural arousal oil is 100% safe and great for women who want to get an intense boost to any session, solo or with a partner.

    Almost immediately a warm buzzing will begin creeping through the clitoris, followed by an all over tingle as the nerves become alive with action. Blood rushing to the vagina and clitoris will awaken even the most dormant of sexual appetites while adding a level of sensitivity thats unreachable alone.

    Even women who are super sensitive to begin with are able to take part in the action; ON arousal oil comes in Lite, Original and Ultra levers of concentration to ensure everyone can partake in the magic. This sure fire pleaser is a great addition to any routine that needs to be turned up to 11, a bottle will last you over 50 applications. It's perfect for the wife or girlfriend who needs a little extra boost to get the motor revving or for the women who wants her socks in the knocked-off position.

    Stop on by to discuss ON natural arousal oil with one of our knowledgeable sales associates, get ready for the ride of your life.

    (Do not use On if you are pregnant, nursing or think you are pregnant)

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